$uni_LRM Unicode code for Left-to-Right Mark.
$uni_RLM Unicode code for Right-to-Left Mark.
$uni_LRE Unicode code for Left-to-Right Embedding.
$uni_RLE Unicode code for Right-to-Left Embedding.
$uni_PDF Unicode code for Pop Directional Format.
$uni_LRO Unicode code for Left-to-Right Override.
$uni_RLO Unicode code for Right-to-Left Override.
$uni_RE_PATTERN_RTL Pattern to test RTL (Righ-To-Left) strings using regular expressions.
$uni_RE_PATTERN_ARABIC Pattern to test Arabic strings using regular expressions. Source:
$uni_type Array of Unicode types.
$uni_mirror Mirror unicode characters. For information on bidi mirroring, see UAX #9: Bidirectional Algorithm, at
$uni_arabicsubst Arabic shape substitutions: char code => (isolated, final, initial, medial).
$uni_laa_array Arabic laa letter: (char code => isolated, final, initial, medial).
$uni_diacritics Array of character substitutions for sequences of two diacritics symbols.
$uni_utf8tolatin Array of character substitutions from UTF-8 Unicode to Latin1.